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Toledo... available everywhere!

Thanks to the mobile web version, it is now possible to access the Toledo on a mobile device using a normal browser. Try it:

Tip: Be informed of Toledo without logginG in

Why not also check out the mobile version of the What's Recent!

Click on the mobile icon in the What's Recent to find out how!


The Blackboard Mobile™ Learn app is limited to a number of platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry and WebOS). The mobile web version does not have this limitation and can be used on all mobile devices. You just need a browser and an internet connection.  As an example, you can use the mobile web version on a Windows 8 telephone and tablet.

The Blackboard app also has some shortcomings which we wanted to address in our mobile web version.The mobile web version of Toledo is an alternative for the Blackboard App and an extension for mobile users.

How it works


Click on an image to see a larger version of it.

Open a browser on your mobile device, navigate to, select your institution and log in.

Choose your institutionCentrale LoginThe mobile version of the What's RecentThe mobile version of the My Courses

Once you are logged in, you will only see 4 buttons. By default you start out on the What's Recent What's Recent icon so you can quickly see what's going on in Toledo. The second and third button give you access to your courses My courses icon and communities My communities icon. The last button Icon to log out allows you to log out. These 4 buttons will always be present in the mobile web version so you can always navigate to where you want to go.

Once you have entered a course of community by tapping a notification in the What's Recent or by using the list of courses or communities, you will only see the most important element of the page, namely the content. The menu and other screen elements which take up (to) much of the screen real state on a small screen have been hidden by default. If you want to navigate to a different place inside the course or community, you can always open up the menu Icon to open course menu and select a different menu item.

When you tap a notification in the What's Recent, you directly go to the place inside the course of community where the new element is located. This can be somewhere deep inside a course or community. By using the compass icon Icon of a compass to see the breadcrumb trail you can always see where you are inside a course or community. This will display the breadcrumb trail.

A lot of material is uploaded in Toledo en because of this, some pages can become very long. Because of this we have chosen to collapse all items  on a page by default. When you enter the announcements page for example, you will see all the titles. By tapping the announcements, the message contents is displayed.

Open the course menu with the red icon on the leftWith the compass icon you can see the breadcrumb trailBy default, only the titles of items are displayedYou can view the contents of an item by tapping it

The evaluation tools like tests and surveys have also been optimized for mobile use. When you are taking a test in Toledo, only the questions are shown and de instructions are hidden. Assignments have also been optimized.

A test on a mobile deviceFirst you will see the instrcutionsAn example of a question in a test

For instructors

As an instructor you have the possibility to add content to a course or community. In orde to be able to do this, the edit mode Icon to toggle the Edit mode needs to be enabled. Once it is active, a green icon will appear on the left hand side of the screen. This icon will change depending on the page you are on. When you are inside a content area the icon will be a By tapping the plus sign, you can add content sign. When you are an the announcements page, the icon will be a speaker Icon to add an announcement. Besides adding content, you can also edit, copy, cut and delete items. You can do this by opening the context menu by tapping the '>>' icon next to an item.

With the pencil icon, you can turn off Edit modeWith the Edit mode turned off, you can see what students seeBy clicking on the speaker icon (on the left), you can add an announcement

With the plus icon (on the left) you can add an itemWith the context menu, you can edit, copy, cut and delete items


Because the mobile web version is development  by Toledo and because the mobile market is very dynamic, it is possible that some very recent/future mobile devices will not display the learning environment as intended. If this is the case, we hope you take the time to alert us and we will try to change this. Feedback is very important to us and can only help improve the learning environment.

Use the webform for feedback about the mobile web version of Toledo.


The mobile story for Toledo started 2 years ago with the development of the What's Recent. This module in Toledo displays notifications from the courses and communities in which you are enrolled in a reverse chronological order. You can access the notifications in Toledo, through a personal secured mobile page or subscribe yourself through RSS.

Last academic year, the What's Recent was optimized and extended by adding the possibility to sort the notifications by course of community or hiding them. These changes were driven by feedback from our users through a large online survey. This year we also added the possibility to sort them by type.

The Association KU Leuven also launched the Blackboard Mobile™ Learn app  in 2012. This is an application by Blackboard, the software behind Toledo. Thanks to the app users can access the learning environment  on mobile devices running iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), Android, Blackberry and WebOS. This academic year, the Blackboard app  received a big update.

Despite the fact that apps are very popular on Smartphone and tablets, we at Toledo still believe in the power of a (mobile) browser. That is why a while back we started the development of a mobile web version of Toledo. In the past few months, we opened up the mobile web version to a large group of beta testers who helped us to test it and iron out some bugs.

With the start of the academic year 2013-2014, we are proud to launch the mobile web version of Toledo. You can access it through: