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Problems with upload?

The academic year is almost over and so a lot of assignments have to be submitted in Toledo. In the past few weeks, we have gotten some reports from students informing us that they were having problems with this. In most cases the problem was related to big files and the students interrupted the upload before it could finish.

Below you will find some information and some tips to successfully upload files.


With a classic internet provider like Telenet, Scarlet, Belgacom or Dommel the upload speed is limited and differs greatly from the upload speed. In most cases, the upload speed is 10 to 20 time slower than the download speed. Where downloading a file is fast, it is possible the upload will take quite a bit longer. Below you will find some figures to illustrate this (Figures are from May 31se 2012).

Remark: 1 Mb = 0.125 MB

Subscription Download speed Downloading a file of 100 MB Upload speed

Uploading a file of 100 MB

Telenet Basic Internet 20 Mbps 40 sec 1,25 Mbps 10,7 min
Fibernet 50 Mbps 16 sec 2.5 Mbps 5,3 min
Fibernet XL 100 Mbps 8 sec 5 Mbps 2,6 min
Belgacom Start 30 Mbps 27 sec 1.5 Mbps 8,9 min
Comfort 30 Mbps 27 sec 2.5 Mbps 5,3 min
Maxi 30 Mbps 27 sec 3.5 Mbps 3,8 min
Scarlet ADSL 12 Mbps 67 sec 640 Kbps 21,4 min
VDSL2 25 Mbps 32 sec 3.5 Mbps 3,8 min
Dommel cityconnect plus 24 Mbps 34 sec 3 Mpbs 4,4 min
netconnect 12 Mbps 67 sec 640 Kbps 21,4 min
speedconnect plus 30 Mbps 27 sec 4,5 Mbps 3 min

Please keep in mind that the numbers above are the theoretical maximum speeds. In real life, these numbers will be slower. Also note the internet connection is sometimes shared with other users when several users use the same connection. If you want to know what your real upload and download speeds are, you can visit (click on the link, wait till the page is loaded and click on 'Begin Test') 


  • When dealing with large files, it might be a good idea to use one of the PC-classes of the KU Leuven (the upload speed here is around the 10 MBps = 80 Mbps)
  • Use a recent browser (recommended browsers for Toledo)
  • Wait long enough when uploading a file in Toledo
  • If possible, use Google Chrome when uploading files because you van monitor the progress of the upload by looking at the bottom left of the screen.
    Vooruitgang van opladen in Chrome wordt onderaan links getoond
  • If you still encounter problems, please contact the ICTS Service point. Please mention you student number, the exact time when you attempted to upload the file, the size of the file and the browser you were using.