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E-Learning @ Association KU Leuven

Toledo is the common virtual learning environment of the Association KU Leuven.


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  • I have enrolled at the KU Leuven but I'm unable to log in to Toledo
  • As a student, you normally get access to Toledo 48h after your enrollment at the KU Leuven. However, it is possible that you do not yet see any courses or communities (see next question/answer for more information).

    As staff of the KU Leuven, you normally get access to Toledo one month prior to the start of your official contract.

    If you do not have access to Toledo after the above mentioned dates, please do not hesitate to contact your local helpdesk.

  • I can login to Toledo but I do not see any courses or communities
  • For students: there is a link between your ISP (KULoket) and Toledo. Because of this link, you are automatically enrolled into the necessary courses and communities in Toledo. In Toledo, official enrollments as a result of your ISP are marked with special icons Official course or Official community.

    Staffmembers who are linked to an  activity in the programme of study are automatically enrolled in the corresponding Toledocourse. If you need to be an instructor or an assistant in (another) course for which you are not linked in the programme of study, you need to contact the person responsible for the course or community and ask them to enroll you and give you the appropriate privileges.

    As a student or staff you can always try to manually enroll yourself in courses and communities by using the link Toledo enrollments in the Quick Links module in Toledo. Next open the drow down menu on the top right and choose Enroll.This tool will enroll you as a student in the selected course or community. It is possible that you are unable to manually enroll yourself because the person in charge of the course or community has chosen not to allow manual enrollments. If this is the case, you need to contact the person in charge of the course or community.

  • I can login to Toledo but I can't access certain courses of communities
  • Several things may be the cause of this problem.

    The most common cause for this problem is the fact that the course or community has not been made available (yet) by the instructor of the course or community. When you are enrolled in an unavailable course or community, it is shown in the My Courses or My Communities module below the title Unavailable. Unavailable courses and communities can't be clicked on and opened by students. Because the instructor is responsible for making a course of community available, you need to contact this person. When you hover your mouse over the icon next to name of a course or community in the My Courses or My Communities module, the names of the instructors are shown in the tooltip.

    Another possible cause is that you have hidden the courses or community in the My Courses or My Communities module. You can check this by clicking the cogwheel icon Settings icoon in the upper right corner of the My Courses or My Communities module and placing a checkmark next to the courses or communities which are deselected.

  • Where can I find my timetable?
  • The timetable is part of KU Loket. You will find a direct link to this application on the My Toledo tab. Your timetable is based on your ISP and will only be available when your ISP is filled out.

    More information on when classes are thought can be found in the programme of study

If you are experiencing other problems:



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