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Information on the digital learning environment Toledo

Information on the digital learning environment Toledo


Toledo in a nutshell

Toledo started in September 2001 as a university wide e-learning project. The main goal was to support the implementation of guided independent learning by means of a state of the art virtual learning environment. From September 2004 onwards, Toledo became the Common Virtual Learning Environment of the KU Leuven Association.

Toledo in numbers

feitenencijfers.gifAt this moment, Toledo is actively used by almost 90.000 different users from 13 institutions of higher education. The virtual learning environment contains more than 18.000 active courses and over 2.000 communities. Every day an average of 40.000 different users log on to the system.


Toledo as information tool

document_on2.jpgThrough Toledo, students have access to a broad variety of online course materials, like texts, slides, links to useful websites, exercises, grahics, multimedia files, interactive applets, and many more.

Toledo as communication tool

Toledo offers several communication channels between students and staff members, e.g. announcements, email, discussion boards, chat rooms, workflows, ...


Toledo as evaluation tool

In Toledo, a student can actively guide his or her learning process, through computer based assessments, electronic assignments, discussion boards, grouppages, e-portfolios and lots of other tools.


Toledo in the picture

Toledo has been the subjects of several publications and lectures.