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Information about the upgrade of Toledo (July 7th and 8th)

Information about the upgrade of Toledo (July 7th and 8th)

Upgrade Toledo - What en when?

The upgrade of Toledo took place during the maintenance week, from July 7th till 8th.

The underlying Blackboard software was upgraded from version 9.1 SP7 to the April 2014 release (SP16). Different tools developed by the Toledoteam were also upgraded

Availability of Toledo

During the upgrade a copy of Toledo was made available so students and staff could access the learning environment. This temporary system could be used to view or download information and to communicate with students.

Uploaded material and changes on this temporary system were not saved after the upgrade. This means that changes made on this temporary system will have to be done again after the upgrade on the upgraded system.

During the rest of the maintenance week, Toledo might be unavailable during short periods of time.


New functionality

A few of the new features

  • New Visual text box editor
    • editing text made easier with modern editor
  • Online annotation of papers
    • with Crocodoc in assignments
    • downloading no longer necessary
  • Videoeverywhere
    • add inline video recordings
  • Completely new Portfolio system
    • New editor
    • layout and themes can be modified
    • based on artefacts
    • Portfolios can be graded through special portfolio assignments
  • Student view
    • a real test-user 
    • can be activated per course or community
    • appears in the Grade Center
    • Easy switching between test-user and normal user (1 click)
  • Retention Center
    • Follow up on the envolvment and participation of students
    • Determine who needs extra support
  • New discussion boards
    • new design
    • easier and simpler
  • Redesign Help-tab
    • focus on documentation, support, education and information
  • For the techies: frames are no longer being used


The existing Toledo documentation for instructors, Toledopedia, will be modified during the summer months. 

The Student manual will also be rewritten (sept).


Click on a screenshot to view a larger version.

New visual text box editor Inline annotation in uploaded papers in assignments Record yourself with your webcam and display inline in your course or community New portfolio system New editor for portfolios Layout and themes can be personalised With the students view, acces your course as a real student Student view easy to activate (1 click) Monitor student activity New discussion boards - easier and simpler Redesign Help tab


Remark: The above screenshots are from a testing environment. The final version of Toledo after the upgrade may differ slightly.